15 April 2007

Larvotto Plage

Here you see the central area of Larvotto Beach and on the right, the edge of the Grimaldi Forum. In the distance, the 'digue semi-flottante ' at the port, which allows massive cruise liners to tie up and disgorge passengers into Monaco.


isa said...

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, disgorge means:

1.To bring up and expel from the throat or stomach; vomit.
2.To discharge violently; spew.
3.To surrender (stolen goods or money, for example) unwillingly.

None of the definitions are very flattering, so what are you trying to say, Jilly, huh? ;-)))

Jilly said...

Oh Lordy, it's 10 at night and after a loooooooong day I fell asleep on the sofa, woke up and realised I'd not posted on DP today, hence using the word disgorge.

Of course it means all that you say but it also means:

'To discharge or pour forth contents.'

and that's exactly what I meant - to discharge or pour forth the passengers. Perhaps there is another word to indicate this but I'm too tired to think.


edwin s said...

those umbrellas look like spinning tops. :)

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