30 April 2007

National Museum of Automatons and Dolls of Yesteryear

This is the entrance to the musuem - a fascinating world of automats and dolls of yesterday in period costume presented in showcases containing miniature furniture and everyday items, thus recreating the sophisticated atmosphere of the XIXth century. This was just what Madelaine de Galéo had in mind when she put together this collection, which is housed in a splendid campanile villa designed by Charles Garnier, the architect responsible for the Paris and Monte Carlo opera houses. The automats are demonstrated to the public several times a day. Prepare to be entranced at this website.


Kate said...

I have never had much luck when I tried to photograph wrought iron gates, but yours is great. The grill work and pattern is clear. Nice job!

angela said...

Love that curving staircase...so elegant.
Well shot, Jilly.

Anonymous said...

Well this is beautiful and your information is riveting. I enjoyed this post so much. I wish. I wish I was there to enjoy it in person with a personal guide.

My Theme Day portrait is of the "Peashooter" and the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Hope you like flying.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Ahhh avenue Princess Grace, i thought she was such a beautiful lady, inside (so far as we knew) and out.

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