12 July 2007


The Port of Monaco taken from Le Rocher (see yesterday's post). Monaco has only fairly recently been able to accommodate cruise liners as large as this, due to the new digue (floating dock). The largest in the world, it was built in Spain and towed to Monaco in 2002. The voyage took 13 days. You can read more at this link. I couldn't see the name of this enormous cruise ship when I took the photograph but driving home past the port, I saw it and by the time I got home had forgotten it - but it started with West...then something or other so if anyone knows? I'd like to know where she came from.

This morning I called a friend who lives opposite the port, and asked her to get out her binoculars but she said this ship left yesterday and today there is a new one in port, just as big, but with a white hull this time.

Note: Thanks to my friend Laura who tells me this is the MS.Westerdam - read more at this link.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a lucky lady you are to have this view on your drive home. Even luckier your friend who has this view from their home.

isa said...

Oh, that Mediterranean blue gets me every time!
But I wonder how the inhabitants of Monte Carlo feel when 2500 people descend on their town, all at once ;-)

Ming the Merciless said...

Awesome view and spectacular photo, Jilly!!

Coltrane_lives said...

What an invasion it is...all those yachts, boats, ships, cruise liners...and what a spectacular view! The "digue" is quite impressive, making port easier on the cruisers. Cool photo!

yournotalone said...

Jesus Christ its so beautifull

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