10 July 2007

Le Pêcheur

This sculpture (The Fisherman) stands near to Larvotto Beach on Avenue Princesse Grace and was created by the French sculptor, Gustave Dussart (1875 - 1952).


Coltrane_lives said...

C'est incroyable!

isa said...

Oh, my...None of the fishermen I know, look like that ;-)
And what exactly is he pulling out of that grotto?

Jilly said...

I think it's the net, Isabella! Or a funny looking eel - no, it's the net - I think...?

Kate said...

I LOVE these two photos. Perhaps it's because I'm intrigued with the fishermen's lot. I do believe it is a net!!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

lol isabella! :D

I was wondering what it was that he was pulling out as well. Then I figured that maybe his clothes fell into the water and he was trying to "fish" them back out! lol!

That will teach him not to fish naked!! :-D

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