05 July 2007

Hôtel Hermitage

The Hôtel Hermitage is one of Monaco's most beautiful Belle Epoque hotels. Set back from the Casino Gardens, you'll find it at Square Beaumarchais. This is a side view of the hotel taken with my back to the port. The awnings below belong to luxury shops that line the road leading into Casino Square. One of the most beautiful features of the hotel is the Winter Garden Dome, designed by Gustave Eiffel - and we all know what else he designed. You can read more about this hotel here. You'll also see a photograph of the Dome on the website.


isa said...

What elegant lines!
But you'll have to find something more affordable for when I visit, Jilly ;-)

Jilly said...

When you visit, Isabella, I'll take no dogs and you'll stay with me - or, if you prefer, I'll find you a nice family hotel in Menton.

Kate said...

Puts me in mind of the Hermitage Museum, altho the name is the only similarity. Looks like a great place; perhaps Isabella and I could share a suite there?

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