26 August 2008

La Porte Rouge

The Red Gateway is named for its ochre colour. You can see an alternative view in the smaller photo. It's situated between Boulevard Suisse and Avenue de la Costa, which is an area very near to the Hôtel Hermitage. Originally it was the entrance to an enormous private domain called Roqueville. The gate was built in 1819 by the son of the owner.

Nowadays, no domain - all is urbanisation - but the Porte Rouge remains.


Virginia said...

Lovely. Like the view up the street. Narrow little streets they are too.

Jane Hards Photography said...

So glad it does remain. What a wonderful archway. We too quickly tear down these structures for a concrtere block of unimaginative work.

USelaine said...

I love a solid gate, as you have. We just don't build them here, at least not in that covered arch style.

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