13 October 2008

Eze Village - the Chef and the Manager

Well I'm assuming these two are Chef and Manager... it was taken around 2 p.m. so the main lunch service would be coming to an end.


Virginia said...

And somebody doesn't look happy. Hmmmm.
Well you're not either and rightfully so. Sorry you're down and out! Thank goodness we still have your wondeful posts to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Impeccable white apron!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful peek into the everyday lives out there. it is a beautiful architecture. Somehow it seems like a couple of busy guys. this one even brought what he was preparing outside for the chat or break? or perhaps someone dropped those items off and he and this guy received them and stopped for a quiet chit chat!!!

what kind of an eatery is this! is it a coffee shop, is it expensive? or is it a lunch stop?

truly great pics. hopefully your cable will be restored because we would certainly hate to miss your posts.

Ilse said...

Sorry about your connection issues. Do these fancy, world-class hotels in the area not have phone connection for 3 weeks at a time? Or is it just lucky you & your neighbor? Fantastic pictures. I check everyday.

Janet said...

Another superb photo, Jilly. I love that chef's outfit! Everything there seems fit for perfection.

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