03 October 2008

Eze Village - Roof tiles

Eze village is just along from Monaco on the Moyenne Corniche. It's a more 'touristy' village than those I've been covering on Menton Daily Photo but with views to die for and the quaintest little streets ... as we'll discover as we start to look around.

See you tomorrow. Flat shoes for the ladies please.


Halcyon said...

I love those roofs. The orange and blue look great together. Can't wait to tour the village!

Chuckeroon said...

Halcyon is right....you can always rely on a Mediterranean roof to make a good subject.

Anonymous said...

it's always nice to see more of the beautiful architecture that makes Monaco so special to people. the terra cotta roofs are beautiful. Hurry cannot wait to see more pics of this beautiful area by the sea!

Virginia said...

I missed this yesterday. The tiles look like bamboo. Very nice photo with the sea in the background.

Merrill said...

Hi Jilly,

I am Virginia's daughter. We did spend a portion of our honeymoon in Eze, 10 years ago. It is absolutely beautiful. We stayed at the Chateau Chevre d'or which also has a good restaurant. Our room had a small balcony hanging off the edge of the rocks looking out at the plage and Cap Ferrat. There is a restaurant just down the little hill from the hotel, I can't remember the name. You must photograph the inside. There are fresh flowers everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling. The owner was very kind and the food delicious. Let me know if you can find the name of it. I love these photos, our anniversary is in a few weeks and I would love to go back!


Merrill said...

oh Jilly,

I forgot, we also spent a day in lovely Menton. Had a yummy lunch at a side walk cafe on the edge of the water, strolled around, and drank wine. I could tell you some funny stories about our driving experiences. Every time we got in the car I told my husband I needed a glass of wine first, it was a bit frightening!


Jilly said...

Melissa, you spent your honeymoon in a gorgeous place. And yes, you probably had lunch at the Le Mas Provencal. You'll find a photograph by clicking on the 5th August 2008.

Merrill said...

Yes, that is it! I love your photo. We enjoyed it so much that we ate dinner there twice. I will never forget the risotto served out of a round of parmesan. They wheel it straight to your table on a little wooden cart and dish the hot risotto out of the center of the cheese. We also took day trips to Monaco and Monte Carlo. Drinks at the Hotel de Paris was a great place to people watch, I saw your photo of it too. I will check your blog often, there is nowhere like France.


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