20 October 2008

Eze Village: Lunch at the Chèvre d'Or - the Statuary

The gardens of the Chèvre d'Or tumble down the hillside in terraces. You can better see this in the smaller photograph or click on THIS LINK (then enlarge the photo) and you'll see even better how the gardens fill the land below the old village.

Each terrace is small and there is a mind-boggling amount of statuary - every animal you can imagine, fountains, grottos, naked women...we'll get to those.


Laurie Allee said...

Jilly, just when I think you can't outdo yourself... you outdo yourself! THese are exceptional. So beautiful. Thanks!

Virginia said...

Amazing and wow! Is that a giraffe??? You could do a year's worth in Eze I am convinced.

maria said...

What a beautiful sight! I didn't realize the hotel had so many beautiful terraces. Wow!

("...we'll get to those" -- I can't wait!!)

Anonymous said...

it's hard to imagine anyplace in the world as lovely as this place. Whom said Monaco and it's surrounding areas are too crowded?? in spite of it's crowd it has lost none of it's charm!! bravo great pics.

Marie-Noyale said...

Got my shoes for this nice stroll in Eze village.

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