22 December 2008

Christmas on the Port of Monaco - a Rink with a View

This is the swimming pool (now a skating rink) in Port Hercule - the Christmas Fair is behind us, the yachts ahead. The Monaco Grand Prix runs around one side of this famous swimming pool.

(Apologies for the skaters being out of focus but it was dusk and I needed a tripod, which was way down in an underground carpark and I really had to get home to feed the dogs. Well, that's my excuse...)

Click on the link to see the pool in its setting on the port - added bonus: see Sally from Sydney Daily Photo taking a swim.

Tomorrow, we'll meet a couple of rink-side spectators.


Anonymous said...

It's truly unbelievable to see an outdoor ice-rink in Monaco. Had I not seen picture taken last winter, I would say it's diversion.

Dusk makes the picture even more lovable!!

Ineke said...

and your apologie is justified so..:)

Hilda said...

Action shots are supposed to show movement, right? :)

From pool to ice rink — that's so cool!

I will never get over my awe of those yachts. And that statue is intriguing — there's one in the University of the Philippines that looks amazingly similar. They call it the 'Oblation.'

Tanya Breese said...

Oh how fun that looks, and a beautiful view! It would be hard to focus on my skating!

Virginia said...

Oh JIlly, nice composition with those yachts and the rink in the foreground. Heck I need a tripod most of hte time and am just too lazy. Your excuse was a fine one and well accepted. Now "roon might not be as easy to convince you know.

Chuck Pefley said...

Brrr! Lovely scene ... and the fuzziness is not because you needed a tripod ... it just wasn't quite cold enough to "freeze" the action :) Actually, the yachts are quite sharp. Very nice to see facilities put to year-around multi-purpose use.

maria said...

Love the lighting, Jilly!
Is the Lady Moura nearby?
Bet the doggies were happy to see you......

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best pic posts so far this week. it has a connection to other pics whom are equally as beautiful and interesting and it will be fun reading everyone!!! We had 'no" idead that Monaco had an outdoor rink. Personally didn't think monaco should sustain the "chill" needed for an outdoor rink to survive.

Long time ago in history, our town too contained an outdoor rink far smaller than this though. However, progress turned it into a parking lot. So, for Monaco to have captured the fun of it and kept it great!!!

it's beautiful and the yachts in the background pretty coool too.

Don't worry about the fuzzy body because it implies movement therefore, adding texture to the pic. it's a keeper.

We are so glad for the connection thread to Avignon whom they too have more delightful pics. It has made this entry one of the more delightful entries sure to keep one busy in the cold with a cup of hot cocoa or wine!!!

If they could make more entries like this whom has connection to another fun entry like this. it will make this an addictive thread to good to pass up.

great job!! ho ho hooooo merry christmas!!!

crittoria said...

The rink is so beautiful! What a great setting. Everyone looks like they are having fun! Some of the skaters are clearer than others, which adds another dimension to the shot, showing how some are moving faster than others. Cool photo, Jilly. No apologies necessary!

Sally said...

What an amazing transformation! Unfortnately I have never learned to ice (or indeed roller) skate. I was once a very bad skier til I busted a ligament in leg....havign been goign some Pilates this year I am resigned to the fact that my balance is just really bad!

Unknown said...

We've got an open air ice rink here again this year. Unfortunately it's not overlooked by luxury yachts, only office blocks, shops and a tram.

Small City Scenes said...

Use any excuse you like. the pic is grand. MB

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