19 January 2009

Circus! - the Lunch Queue

The circus arrives with its own catering facility. Here you see the circus workers, from those who clean out to the animals to the stars of the show. Each has a lunch ticket and once they've collected their lunch, they'll eat in the tented area beyond.

Every area around the Big Top is used for the circus animals. The elephants are by the Heliport, the tigers and horses are just at the back of the tent itself. Here we've walked past the Columbus Hotel, past the Princess Grace Memorial Gardens and along a walkway by the sea. We are looking towards Italy - you see Cap Martin in the distance. Not a bad place for lunch. Bon appetit!


Marie-Noyale said...

You are absolutely right, That Is a great place to have lunch...
I am envious here, covered with more snow this morning...and a tiny -8degrees!!!
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.

Sharon said...

That is a beautiful place for lunch! I'm trying to figure out what that is on the back of they guy's gray sweater in the large photo.

Jilly, check out my site today (Phoenix Daily Photo). I've pictured something you might recognize.

Jilly said...

Sharon, I think they are hair extensions or simply pigtails.

And I already did check out PHoenix DP. My eagle eyes already spotted those champagne glasses! I posted a comment.

Laurie Allee said...

I love the lines in this shot. Beautiful. And what a lunch break!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Makes me hungry. The food's got to be good!

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