04 January 2009

The Monte Carlo Country Club

Today, a different viewpoint. We are looking down on the Monte Carlo Country Club from a vantage point on the road above - actually in France. (Photo taken in September)

Just beyond the tennis courts, and facing out to sea, are the terraces and restaurant of the Country Club. That's where I took yesterday's photograph.

The building you see with three towers - out on the promontory - is the opulent Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort which opened in late 2005.

Interestingly, there was a multi-billion dollar project to reclaim an enormous area of land from the sea, thereby increasing the size of the Principality. Only a few weeks ago, Prince Albert announced, because of the recession, it wouldn't be happening. The choice of design had already been reduced to two well-known architects - Sir Norman Foster and David Liebeskind. Monaco is only 2 square kilometres in size and it would have increased this by 20% with a beautifully shaped peninsula jutting out to sea in front of Larvotto Beach, which is just beyond the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. Click on the link to read the full story.

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H.Peter said...

When I lived and worked in San Remo, we often would come to MC for a visit and always enjoyed it.

Your images in this Blog refresh my fondest memories.

Anonymous said...

this is the first time we have seen this viewpoint and it's breath taking. Love the hotel location to the view. it seems folks here like tennis since they have lots of tennis courts!! great!!

Unknown said...

I would have thought now is the perfect time to do it, with things being a lot cheaper and more builders being available. The slump doesn't seem to be holding Dubai back with it's building plans. I know it's a lot richer country, but then Monaco isn't exactly poor. Long term, it would be a good investment and the payback will be enormous.

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