02 January 2009

View from the Monte Carlo Country Club

The Monte Carlo Country Club is what I think of as the tennis courts. It's where, in April, the Masters Series is held and when all the famous names in tennis descend on the Principality - if they don't live here already that is, and some do.

This is the view from the Country Club restaurant. We're looking at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel which is undergoing some sort of winter restoration. In the distance you see the restaurant, La Vigie. My neighbour's father used to work here on the motorboats that arrived with the rich and famous. Sadly, that lovely man is no longer with us, but his wife, who is in her 80s now, is a delight and raps me over the knuckles when she corrects my bad French - which is often. When she tells stories of their lives in Algeria before they had to come to France, she giggles and laughs like a child. I learn a lot from her and not just about the language.

Tomorrow - the Country Club.


Sharon said...

Gorgeous view. The water is an incredible blue.

Hilda said...

The country club, the hotel, the restaurant — they all have magnificent views! Is there any place in Monte Carlo that doesn't have a view of the ocean?

Virginia said...

If that lady heard my French she would flog me to death! This is a gorgeous scene. I love it when you take us to nice places.

maria said...

Beautiful view!
(And so glad Mistral and Mama Mia are doing better and better each day -- kudos to you!!)

Anonymous said...

One could daze into that mah-velous blue water and sky and get lost in them!! this is a high up view. recall the bridge a few days ago that seemed so high and treacherous. how dwarfed it looks here, doesn't it?

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful view. MB

Clueless in Boston said...

What more can be said, it is a gorgeous view.

Halcyon said...

Everything is so blue! Beautiful.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and all my best to you in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Can't you believe? Years ago,I have played tennis in the Monte Carlo Country Club for a Medical
Championship on the"central" court
On the first year, I had to sleep
In a room you can see the balcony at the Beach,first stair in the very little round part. Really!
On the second year, I was at"Hotel de Paris"Not bad too!!!
Thanks for the memory.

Sorry to haven't see you in Gorbio
or Menton during Christmas week.
Maybe another time more appropriate.
Great pleasure to see all you photos on your Monte Carlo Post about Prince Albert,Rock and National Story. Well done Jilly.

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