24 January 2009

Circus! - the Television Crew

They decided to film in front of the boutique - changed their minds and filmed with the circus van behind the journalist.

This van is used to carry the clowns around, even Princess Stephanie got in at the end of the free outdoor performance on Port Hercule.


Kate said...

Lots of action in a colourful photo. I am very envious of the lens on that camera!!

Virginia said...

That clown on the boutique is going to scare the pants off some kid (or grownup). Clowns creep a lot of people out. I'm not sure why. I think a circus boutique sounds fun. What's not to like about a boutique right?

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

Jilly, great shot as usual. I have really enjoyed viewing your photos this past year. We went to Monte Carlo on my honeymoon, with my husband and mother, who has previously commented on your site. we are the ones with the champagne glasses from Eze. All of you have motivated me to start my own blog. We will see if I can catch up with you masters. We hope to see you some time when we travel to Monte Carlo.

Anonymous said...

Oh-h-h-h we loved the adventures of the champagne glasses a real treat!! we love reading about France and Monaco. they simply breatakingly beautiful and so full of history. Is this been decorated as a clown boutique for the movie or... is it a real store??? I can't imagine anyone being "creeped" out by clowns, do you suppose??

Anonymous said...

Greetings and good wishes from Australia. Many thanks for the great Monte Carlo series. We are so far away from the circus festival and your photographs took us there and demonstrated the atmosphere and gave a true sense of the event. Australia was represented in the competition by Gypsy Gomez an established star of Australia's "Silvers Grand Magic Circus"

Hilda said...

I love the clown illustrations on the boutique, but I guess it was just too cluttered as a background for talkies.
Please vote for the March theme, if you haven't yet. And please help spread the word too! :)

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