20 August 2009

Fête XVIIIth Century - Lunch

Copyright 2009 Monte Carlo Daily Photo. All rights reserved.

Even XVIIIth century ladies need lunch. This lady was involved with the jewellry stand we saw the other day - remember the dead fox?


Unknown said...

Looks like airline food to me, all seperated in her little tray.

To keep to the times, she should be eating wild boar, venison and things like that.

Halcyon said...

There is something incongrous about this photo. I think it's the medieval lady eating from a styrofoam box with a plastic fork!

Jilly said...

Halcyon, yes it was just that that made me take the photograph. I thought it a hoot.

Virginia said...

jambon a la styrofoam? THat's hilarious Jilly! HA

Lowell said...

I'm not sure if she's looking forward to that bite of food or if she's afraid of it! ;-)

Great shot!

Bob Crowe said...

But XVIIIth Century ladies didn't get their water from a clear plastic bottle. They probably got it from a cistern. And no plastic forks and foam food trays. This is one of the reasons these historical fairs are so amusing - the re-enactment only goes so far.

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