25 September 2009

Boat Trip to Cap Ferrat - Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat

Just along from the lighthouse is the magnificent Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat. Five star luxury. You can just see the hotel at top left of the main photo. Click on the link and you'll see what this luxury hotel is all about - go on, it's fabulous!

Scattered down the hillside are private cabins for guests to sunbathe and alongside it a restaurant - this area is called Club Dauphin.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

This has been a great series. When we stayed in Monaco, we sent to Cap Ferrat by car, but we obviously missed a lot.

H.Peter said...

St. Jean Cap Ferrat is where my lovely darling would like to live.

I say, "Darling, keep baking...."

A magical place indeed.

WeddingLight said...

One of my favorite place on earth

Jameson said...

I miss hiking around Cap Ferrat. Can hardly wait to come back in September.

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