23 September 2009

Boat Trip to Cap Ferrat - the Lighthouse

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We're sailing towards Villefranche, leaving the pretty Cove of Lilong and are about to round the Point of Cap Ferrat with its famous lighthouse.

This semaphore, originally built in 1862 (rebuilt 1951) on the orders of Napoleon III, who wanted to equip the French littoral with a chain of semaphores. The goal was to monitor navigation, to transmit messages to ships, to organize help in the event of a maritime disaster and to take part in the first maritime meteorological observations.

It looks like evening but it's only 17.45h - simply that I'm shooting into the sun. As soon as we round the point, we'll see the lighthouse from the other side and the fortified lookouts. And after that, we'll be in the beautiful Rade de Villefranche.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love lighthouses. The loneliness, the importance. Hopefully you'll be showing us a close-up tomorrow.

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