14 September 2009


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Rosie is one of le rocher's characters. She runs a tourist shop called Rosie's Memories and the love of her life is a little Miniature Pinscher called Zita - a dog who'd had far too many litters in her life and ended up in a refuge.

Zita has two beds - one inside the shop and one outside - and when she chooses to nap, then Rosie displays the sign you see below.

Rosie's Bar (the Chatham Bar to give it its real name) was near to the Port of Monaco and was THE place to visit for over 50 years. In its heyday it was frequented by Graham Hill, Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss and Peter Collins. Anybody just passing by could pop in and chat to drivers over a drink and a game of darts. Rosie would welcome everybody with same cheery disposition as she still does from this little Boutique in Monaco Ville. Click here for Rosie's website.

You can see another photo of Zita on Riviera Dogs today.


Pasi from Finland said...

I think I have talked to this charming lady. When visiting for the first time in Monaco, I had my australian terrier with me. When we walked by her shop, she immediately brought my dog a cup filled with water.

It was a pleasent moment which I've remembered ever since.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I like shopkeepers with dogs, and shopkeepers' dogs. I expect that the dogs are also good for sales, as it can keep the customers in the store longer and can occupy children while parents shop.

Unknown said...

Looks a very friendly lady. How great to be able to chat to racing drivers like that. I bet they are not like that now & shun any meeting of the 'great unwashed'.

Virginia said...

Bonjour Rosie and Zita! What a wonderful post Jilly. This has to be one of my favorites. I love the sign, Rosie certainly covered all the bases. Even I can read two of the messages!HA

Jilly said...

Gail's Man, After the last Monaco Grand Prix it was drinks on the house for anyone who wanted to go along to the pub Jensen Button uses - it's the English pub in Fontvieille.

Gerald (SK14) said...

sounds a great place

Dobbo said...

I too have met Rosie! We wandered into her shop and she was so friendly and welcoming. I have a photo of her and I getting cozy.

richard said...

Hi Jilly - apologies for my absence lately. She looks a character, and Rosies Bar sounds like a must for me on the next visit. If only for the ghosts of the people you mention. Although Stirling Moss is still alive and going strong. (I think he's a tee-totaller though, although I could be wrong!)

Fiona T said...

Hi Jilly, don't know if you ever check back this far - it was just your photo of tripe and tatties on le Rocher reminded me of Rosie and her shop, but I see you have already been there! We have visited Rosie a couple of times and she kindly signed my copy of her book, and also posed happily with our 4 drivers taking part in the last Monaco Karting Grand Prix. Certainly a charmer, and always a dog-lover...I hope she is still there?

Jilly said...

Fiona, yes she is still there. In fact I walked past her shop on the day I took the pic of the people eating tripe. She was talking to a customer so I didn't go in - super lady.

By the way, any comments that are made on the blog, even if they go to a post far back (like this one) comes into my mail box, so I know. Thanks for writing.

Unknown said...


Is there an address I may send a letter to her? I don't know when I'll make it over to Monaco for a visit. But she seems like such a lovely person, I'd like to send her an illustration for her shop. Keep me posted please.


Jilly said...


You can write to Rosie at this address. Someone will get it to her even tho she doesn't read emails herself.


Sorry to be so long in replying. I just found your comment in my Junk file waiting to be sorted.

element89 said...

I just stumbled over your request for Rosie's address. If the one presented doesn't work try this one. I know it works. I first met Rosie in 1958, when I was stationed over there with the U.S. Navy. I stopped by to vist around 1975 and my wife & I found her 2 years ago in her shop, MEMORIES, in the old village of Monte Carlo, known as The Rock.

Mme. Rose Marie Bernard
21, rue Comte Felix Gastaldi
98000 MONACO-Ville

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