06 September 2009

Gull and Girl

Copyright 2009 Monte Carlo Daily Photo. All rights reserved.

The sculpture is called Girl on a Chair and it's displayed within a small children's garden just below the main square where you find the palace.

The sculptor is the Danish artist, Keld Moseholm Jorgensen and it was made in 1981.


maria said...

She doesn't seem to be smiling but I would, with such a pretty path, surrounded by flowering begonias and in the company of a feathered friend (as long as the gull doesn't leave his mark on her...).

Marie-Noyale said...

They seem to have things to say to each others!!

Unknown said...

There seems to be lots of statues and the like in Monte Carlo. Have we seen them all yet?

Jilly said...

Gail's Man, no - there are many many more. Monaco has SO many sculptures. In fact there is another young girl right next to this one which I'll put on sometime.

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