20 September 2009

Boat Trip to Cap Ferrat - Messing about...

Copyright 2009 Monte Carlo Daily Photo. All rights reserved

The fun of a day on the water is just sitting and watching other people mess about in boats. And on Cap Ferrat it's fun looking at the houses on the hillside and wondering who lives there.

There's something about a boat - probably the movement of the water - that makes you immediately relax. Got a problem? Stressed? - if you get the chance, go out on a boat.


Virginia said...

Oh i"d love to be right there, right now! Gorgeous water and scene Jilly. This is fun!

PS My new grandpug is my star today. Melissa can't wait for you to see him. She's a big fan of all your blogs but especially your doggie blogs!

Sharon said...

They look like they don't have a care in the world. I find that viewing water, even if it's from the shore is very calming.

Drew said...

I’d love to be there, right now. Amen...to that statement.
Your right Jilly, maybe we all should take a little more time to live carefree.

I’m beginning to think you’re having a lot of fun !!

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