10 December 2009

90 Years of Citroën - the Playstation Car

This GT Concept supercar bridges the gap between reality and fantasy as it was initially created for the virtual world of Sony's PlayStation Gran Turismo 5 racing game.

The creator of the video game, Takumi Yamamoto, presented the idea of this car to Jean-Pierre Ploué, style director of Citroën - result: the GT was born. This concept car created a riot in Casino Square and brightened up a very dull and overcast day.

Well done to Biting Midge from Sunshine Coast Daily Photo who was the first yesterday to recognise the car - seems many of you did! A postcard of Monte Carlo will shortly be on its way. Also one to Letube - send snail mail addresses pls. Some great suggestions - wish the Stig had been driving, Gail's Man.


Around six months ago I was contacted by an English guy, Alex, who lives in Prague asking for permission to use several of my photographs for a new Monaco/Côte d'Azur website, at the time in preparation. This has led to my being part of the CITYOUT team of journalists. Two days ago, the new website went Live in Beta test. We hope to launch fully in the first quarter of 2010.

You'll find hundreds of fascinating articles on everything you can think of relating to life on the French Riviera and Monaco. I'm proud so many of my photographs and articles appear on this site alongside those of the talented journalists in the team. Please click on CITYOUT Côte d'Azur. You'll also find a link in the side bar of this blog. The website, by the way, is also in French and Russian and will eventually be launched in several other languages.

And that editor in Prague? Well some of you know him already...Alex has recently started his own City Daily Photo blog featuring his part of Prague, Vrsovice Daily Photo.


Chuck Pefley said...

Good gracious! This looks like something from a science fiction comic book. Amazing!

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Jilly, I'll watch the post box every day!

It's truly one of the few Citroen styling exercises that DOESN'T do it for me, which sadly, is how I recognised it so easily!

I suppose I'd reluctantly have one if it was given to me though... ;-)

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I would not have recognized this car. I am sure I would never see this car being driven around on the back roads of Costa Rica.

Leif Hagen said...

Holy buckets! That car blows my mind! Bloggers, photographers and car buffs must have been on that car like flies on raw meat!

B SQUARED said...

Another 'stocking stuffer.'

Unknown said...

Looks like it belongs in a movie. I can imagine it being in a James Bond film or a Bladerunner type adventure.

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