11 December 2009

90 Years of Citroën - the Torpedo B 12

First of all, apologies for the cars not being totally in focus and badly framed - the cars were positively whizzing around Casino Square - well, whizzing for their age... and it wasn't until yesterday's car, the GT Concept, arrived in front of the casino, that people rushed out, and it had no choice but to stop. The cars I'm showing today and tomorrow came around first - in order of age.

The car in the main photo is a 1925 Torpedo type B 12. The owner said you need to concentrate to drive it as the accelerator is in the centre and not on the right!

I don't know the model of the car is in the smaller photo. One of you car wizards out there will know, I'm sure.


Kate said...

Not having a computer immediately available is a huge pain...you know where. My son is lending his to me during my dry spell so I surfed back to see your posts the last few days, and yesterday's car takes my breath away!

Leif Hagen said...

Those are amazing, charming antique cars! Love 'em!

B SQUARED said...

Moving art!

Halcyon said...

I love these old cars. Glad someone is taking care of them!

Unknown said...

My educated researched guess is that it is a 8cv Rosalie from 1933.
I'm showing a Citroen today too.

tennisjazz said...

Gail's Man, methinks you are right! see http://www.cvg.asso.fr/images/lorraine2006/citroen_rosalie_1933.jpg and elsewhere.

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