17 December 2009

Christmas on the Port: Recycled - the Necklace

Most of the Fair is taken up with slides and rides for children and stalls selling gifts and food but there is one tent (small photo) where you'll find jewelry, furniture and ornaments, all made from recycled materials. This necklace has been pinned to a board, alongside a photograph of it on a model. I haven't a clue what it's made of but that it's made of recycled materials has to be good news.


Virginia said...

I can't decide if I really really like them or if the gorgeous model makes me think I like them!!! Very cool !
PS That tent is pretty spectacular too!

B SQUARED said...

The photos of the model are incredible.

Halcyon said...

That's a big ol' necklace!

maria said...

They are most likely made out of resin.
There is a very famous Brazilian jewelry designer, R. Sobral, that is known for using recycled materials. He has stores all over the world. His necklaces are not quite as elaborate although for all I know, this might be the latest style in resin necklaces.... :)

Virginia said...

Maria might be right. I thought without enlarging that they were fabric. After enlarging I see it's something with thread or twine. Amazing. I'd love something maybe a little smaller please! :)

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