17 August 2010

Monaco Street - the Appreciative Audience

The market traders were probably not best pleased when their customers stopped buying their fruit and veggies and stood entranced by the performance.

Tomorrow - the finished dish!


joanna said...


Hopefully it made them more hungry and they bought more then they intended when they did resume shopping.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

The shopkeepers might not have liked it when the audience was distracted, but they probably benefited from additional people being drawn to the area of their shops.

Anonymous said...

I used to help at one of the Christmas market stalls here in my town. Luckily it was next to the stage, so during the breaks of the shows everybody came over to us buying! So we made best sales of all!!
I think it was the same here on Place d'Armes. ;-))
Barbara from Germany

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