02 August 2010

Monaco Street - Pourquoi du Piaf!

Monaco has just had a weekend of great street theatre with performances taking place during the day and evening in different parts of the Principality.

We are in Monaco's market at Places d'Armes and have been listening to chanson sung by this lady, Dany Dean. Here she is in a short theatrical piece where she ends up dancing with the juggler, Farice Dominici. They are part of La Compagnie Antipodes who specialise in dance for public spaces. The name will fool you - they are French, based in Nice - not Australian!

Dany sung many of the great Piaf chansons - she has a great voice - and we were even handed a printed version of La Vie en Rose so everyone could sing along. More tomorrow...


Dianne said...

I love the bottom pic- they are so French and especially Madame wearing that jaunty cap.
Great shot !
Dianne xx

Luuuuuua said...

super fotografi,felicitari

domino said...

How could we live without theatre, music and dance? What a sad world this would be :)!

joanna said...


I so agree with domino comment. I can only image her lovely voice.

Cheers and a good week to you,

Virginia said...

Hmm, I think Dany is enjoying the time with Farice. I can see why! Love these photos Jilly. They are all lovely. As I say over and over, you do street portraits so very well.

Bob Crowe said...

Oh, Piaf... I have a CD of her most famous songs. In contains La Vie En Rose in both English and French. Like Guinness, it doesn't travel well.

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