13 August 2010

Monaco Street ...next add the Pastis!

So the snails are cooking and Alain pours in a glass or two - or three - of cognac. The recipe on the Taraf Goulamas website calls for pastis but the bottle on the table looks more like brandy to me.

The onions have to be added and later the tomatoes and whilst each stage of the dish is being cooked, the group tour around the market playing to us all - as in the smaller photo.


Ola said...

I am wondering how they tasted, I tried only once, in a salad

joanna said...

Sorry to say this is where the French and I do part, I do not think I could eat the little snails. Just past the cognac, merci.


B SQUARED said...

I'm starting to smell it.

Leif Hagen said...

Looks like a lot of fun and yummy treats in Monaco!
I missed your blog while my family and I were visiting relatives in Sweden and Norway for a month!
Bon weekend

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