12 August 2010

Monaco Street - the Monte Carlo Lady

Suddenly in the middle of the performance, this lady wanted to be photographed with the performers - and as you see, they didn't mind at all!

Meanwhile, someone keeps an eye on the snails by photographing them.

Tomorrow - back to the cooking and the music.


joanna said...

Lovely smile, it gets people every time, a warm and friendly smile, don't you think so too?


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

She looks like she could have picked up a microphone and been a singer.

domino said...

This lady is very beautiful. I can understand why she wanted being photographed with the musicians. They must have been very kind to her. Not everybody knows how to be kind, especially when they are jealous.

Halcyon said...

Must have been an interesting show. Sounds like fun.

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