18 August 2010

Monaco Street - the Finished Dish!

The finished dish! At this point in the proceedings, I confess I had to leave as I was meeting a friend for lunch on Larvotto. So I really didn't know what happened to the snails. Did they dish them out to the crowd? Did they eat the dish themselves? Who knows?

It was all the best fun tho - cooking and music and the cheeky chap on the left whose name is Alain.

And if you want to know Les Taraf Goulamas' recipe - well just click on the link.

Thanks so much for following this little series with me. Tomorrow: on to something new.

PS. I have heard from Les Taraf Goulamas and yes, they shared the dish with the audience.


joanna said...


After all your work taking pictures the fun and all you didn't get to taste...such a pity, but then again snails are not so tasty looking to me, hope you enjoyed your lunch where you went though.


Jilly said...

Joanny, I'm not crazy about snails. I used to eat them when I first used to come to France on holiday but as life when on I didn't really like them.

Ola said...

It looks a bit scary but I think I could try it

Mo said...

Nope snails don't do it for me.

Kate said...

Food photos are difficult to really do well, but I LOVE this one...the snails and the colours are super!

Sharon said...

I'm glad I got to see the finished dish!

Unknown said...

Oh, not for me thanks. Now if it was a good curry, that would be different.

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