14 April 2012

ArtMonaco - the One Dollar Bill

Artists and galleries came from all over the world to exhibit at ArtMonaco, including Galeria Salar from Bolivia. This extraordinary painting of a one dollar bill is made of coca leaves created by Bolivian artist Gastón Ugalde. The gallery owner told me that Coco Cola (a symbol of the USA) used to be made with coca leaves (not now of course!) He said he has to have a special permit to bring the artwork to Europe and that if it doesn't sell it will stay in Europe as, because of the coca leaves, it can't go back to Bolivia. You can see more detail in the last photo.

The striped head you see on the left, by Sonia Falcone, is a painting behind glass (hence the reflections) but it looks like a sculpture, doesn't it?

The wool head is part of an exhibit of three. I'm not sure who the artist is but possibly Sonia Falcone.


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a sideline job consider art photography. You've obviously got the knack - it's often tricky - and there always seems to be a demand by artists to have their work documented. Intriguing photos. Thannks @extradiagetic

Rob Siemann said...

As far as I know, they still use coca leaves for this drink, but they are grown in the USA, to comply with the FDA

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