13 December 2009

90 Years of Citroën - the Tin Snail

Remember the days when it seemed everyone in France had a 2CV? Citroën first produced these great, cheap cars in 1948, which gave everyone the possibility of motoring. Production finished in 1990.

For those of us who loved France, it was all part of the dream to cross the channel and drive down the 'Blue Route' to the south in a battered 2CV.

Talking of which take a look at Nottingham Daily Photo, where you'll see a Citroën 2CV AK400 van, referred to as a 'Tin Snail,' a phrase I'd not heard before so that's what I'm calling this post, Gailsman.

In the main photo you see a line of 2CVs driving into Casino Square - quite a sight.


Bergson said...

j'aime les deux chevaux la reine des voitures des gens de mon age

Sharon said...

This is the Citroen shape that I most recall....maybe from the movies?

Kate said...

Well, it is quite a sight to see, and so much fun to look at!

Leif Hagen said...

The top photo of the parade of the 2CV Citroens with the Monaco flags is AWESOME! Fun! Wish I could have been there with MY camera!

Virginia said...

Oh I think I have a photo of a red one, of course! I'll have to look back and see if it is!
They're so cute!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the namecheck Jilly. I don't know if you remember James Bond driving & destroying a yellow one in For Your Eyes Only!

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