20 May 2010

68th Grand Prix de Monaco - Almost Ready to Roll

So many people mill around each car just a few minutes before the start - not just the mechanics but the rich and famous who are allowed on the grid. Above you see Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull and in the smaller photo, Lewis Hamilton's Mclaren-Mercedes and Felipe Massa's Ferrari.

In the photo below you see Mark Webber's Red Bull in pole position. 2nd is Robert Kubica's Renault and 3rd the one you see above, Vettel's car.


maria said...

Unbelievably exciting!! So much activity, so many things going on!
I'm still green with envy.....

P.S. Was the roar of the engines still loud at your friend's flat?

Jilly said...

Maria - the sound was unbelievable. I wore a headset the whole time to protect my ears - everyone did or ear plugs - some had both. You couldn't hear yourself speak and certainly - even inside - we couldn't hear the coverage on the television. Of course once the safety car came out and it did on several occasions, then we could hear.

boyfrombeach said...

Congratulations for your pole position to shoot these pictures!

On german television (RTL) we were witness when Mick Jagger almost ran over Bernie Ecclestone during his grid walk.

Any pictures of that event?

Jilly said...

How funny! No I didn't see that. I did take some pics of the pit lane, which is where that would have happened but it's a long shot and I haven't got the detail. I'll take a look tho - blow them up - and see, but doubt it.

Unknown said...

I would love to be walking around there snapping away. I find it funny that all the rich people standing there taking photos with their little point and shoot cameras. I'd be on the left with the press pack!

Virginia said...

Oh Jilly, I"m inspired and am posting some older cars on my blog tomorrow. Nothing like these of course. My you did have a ringside seat my friend!

Gunn said...

Must have been great to be there.
Nice shots!!

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