15 May 2010

68th Grand Prix de Monaco - Getting past the Barriers

Monaco is encased in steel. Above you see the barrier to just one apartment building on the port - we are at the rear of Palais Heracles. If you click HERE you will see the ticket that everyone needs if they are to enter any building along the race circuit. Your name must match that on the official list held, in this case, by the two ladies you see above.

This is where I'll be going on Sunday to see the race - 11th floor and overlooking the Start/Finish line. Lucky me, eh? But don't worry I'll take pics to share with you on Monday. Don't forget to watch it on television - there is no Grand Prix race like the glorious Monaco Grand Prix.

In the other photo you see one of the barriers in the casino gardens. Obviously these gates will be closed early on all race days.


maria said...

How exciting! I'm green with envy but looking forward to your pictures!! :)

Virginia said...

Oh Jilly you get a wonderful spot. Yes, lucky you! Can't wait for your photos.

Unknown said...

I have thought with your contacts now, you would have one of these passes, so you can share all that special pit stop action.

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