18 May 2010

68th Grand Prix de Monaco - The Drivers' Parade

They look like Lowry's Matchstick Men, don't they? No matchstick men in this parade tho - just the greatest Formula One drivers in the world today, including 5 previous winners of the Monaco Grand Prix: Button, Hamilton, Schumacher (five times) Alonso (twice) and Trulli.

The red line you see in the smaller photo is the Finish Line and that square white building in the foreground of the same photo is where the winning driver will go to receive his award from Prince Albert.

And if you'd like the see the Ferrari Dog, please click on the link.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

The angle looking down on the finish line is an amazing perspective. The clarity of your new camera and lens (well, not too new any longer) is very apparent and impressive in this series of photos.

B SQUARED said...

A beautiful dog. He wears red well.

Eddie said...

Hi Jilly, I started watching the race last night and am wondering if you know what that weird new structure is just inside the Portier turn? It's just before the cars enter the tunnel, off the east corner of the Fairmont

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