07 May 2010

ARTMONACO - the Art of Roman Shustrov

I loved this sculpture. In fact I loved everything on offer by this Antibes Galerie d'Art le Caméléon.

This sculpture is by the Russian artist, Roman Shustrov, and is made of papier maché.


maria said...

Wow - I never would have guessed that this whimsical sculpture was made of papier maché.

It's very lovely. How tall was it, Jilly?

Jilly said...

Maria, not tall at all. She is standing on the floor, perhaps the low table beside her gives an idea. Maybe 2 feet high? I loved her. Glad you do too.

glenda said...

Really enjoying your photos from ARTMONACO. Thanks for sharing.

Virginia said...

I"m laughing Jilly because I think I could have been the model for this one! :)

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