12 May 2010

ARTMONACO: The Lady with the Fishnet Tights

All the art displayed today is represented by the Cain Schulte Contemporary Art Gallery in Berlin. In the top photo you see snippets of the work of Lars Theuerkauf and in the smaller photo and the one below, you see the paintings of Chris Leib.

The lady with the fishnet stockings was a visitor.


Virginia said...

The art is intriguing, but the lady with the fishnets is so YOU! You find the best possible people to photograph Jilly. I do so want to visit and shoot with you. I don't know if I can make it happen!

Gunn said...

She is obviously artistic, but sorry, to me it looks strange.Perhaps she is part of the display?!:)

Carraol said...

Hi Jilly, the Grand Prix is coming? I wish i could be there. And I could wish to be here in this wonderful exhibition, to see the work of Chris Leib. I wonder what is wrong with this post, only 2 comments? Probably the nude? Cheers!

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