23 August 2010

The Carpenter and the Traffic Warden

It always amuses me when guys, seeing me taking photographs, suddenly go into 'pose mode.'

After I took yesterday's shot, I turned around to get a shot of the other end of Rue Princesse Caroline and there were these two smiling guys, waving their arms about.

On the left is Josef, who is a carpenter at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and on the right is Christophe who works in traffic control and code violations in Monaco, so of course there were jokes about where I park my car.

Thanks guys for a fun encounter!


joanna said...

Two handsome smiling men -- nice photo's.

It seems like you a nice chat with them, so sweet.


B SQUARED said...

A couple of characters.

Leif Hagen said...

You captured well the moment of fun, laughter, smiles and sunglasses!

hanna said...

Such friendly faces, which you captured perfectly. They look like two fun chaps to talk to--great way to start the day.

Anonymous said...

I'd smile too if I lived in MC ;)

Even though there is a disparate class of people who make up Monaco's demographic, I am guessing it's a nice place to live whether you are rich ... or working for the rich. These guys seem content.

Manhattan Beach, California

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