22 August 2010

Early Morning Shadows

The early morning sun throws shadows across Monaco's pedestrian street, Rue Princesse Caroline. That's Port Hercule at the far end.

You have to get up early to see this street with almost no one in it.


Sharon said...

Such a beautiful street. Makes me want to stroll down it with you!

Jørgen Carlsen said...

Charming - I would like to take a walk at the street.

Anonymous said...

A lovely site to find. I will enjoy your photos. Thank you. Suzi

Anonymous said...

I like it there! There's shade in the afternoon. So you can escape from the heat.
Sometimes I sit in the snack bar in the end of the street to the right. They have wonderful salad "formules" (salad, soft drink + dessert) for a reasonable price. ;-))
This will be one of my first destinations next week when I arrive!
I know I will walk along Rue Princesse Caroline almost every day!
Barbara from Germany

hanna said...

Beautiful photo of a beautiful street, so colorful and green. I love those long early morning shadows too, great time for picture-taking. It seems worth getting up early enough to experience the peace and quiet. I can almost hear the silence--what a nice start to a Sunday morning.

I hope I have the opportunity to stroll down this street in the near future--the very near future!

Leif Hagen said...

Looks like a wonderful place to take a morning stroll!

Clueless in Boston said...

Beautiful street, it almost looks like a street at Disneyworld.

joanna said...


A street of dreams to walk on.


Dianne said...

Beautiful photo that captures the serenity of the early morning with everything clean and in it's place - wants me want to pull up a chair, take cafe-creme and watch that lovely sun slowly filter into the day.

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