19 May 2009

Chuckeroon's Monte Carlo - the Porsche

A older Porsche outside the Hôtel de Paris, photographed by Chuckeroon. It's great fun to come to Casino Square, any time of the day or evening and look at the cars.

This is the last in this particular 'Guest Photographer' series on Monte Carlo Daily Photo - after all, we were only in Monaco for one evening and most of that was spent eating and drinking! - but it continues on Menton Daily Photo. Thanks so much to Nathalie, Peter, Richard and Chuckeroon for sharing their favourite photographs.

I learned so much watching these talented photographers at work but I learned even more when their photographs arrived. Just fascinating to see how differently each sees a particular scene. All so different, all so brilliant. Thanks, guys. Come back soon!


Leeds daily photo said...

Nice photo, very cool car. I would love to be able to run one of these classic older Porsche cars.

B SQUARED said...

A wonderful year for Porsche.

H.Peter said...

A great vintage car. Even the license plate seems to be old.

Virginia said...

Gorgeous car and well snapped Chuck.

Frank said...

Like the setting. Love the car. Great shot.

Unknown said...

You've made an old friend very happy with showing a classic car again.

It would have been great to have joined you all. Maybe next time.

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