28 May 2009

Watching the Grand Prix: 1 - from the Stands

You can watch the Grand Prix from so many different places. Here's the first - from one of the many stands.

Tomorrow: More ways to watch the Grand Prix.

(Photos taken at Thursday's practice session.)


Virginia said...

THis must be so exciting to watch! It looks like the Grand Prix around here!

Ed said...

I think it's interesting how they have ticketholders access the grandstands. For ex., to get to the big K stand at Tabac they have you go through a tunnel under the main straight that's at the foot of Rue Grimaldi. There's restrooms and even a gift shop in there. For the big T stand across from the pit area, you walk through the arts college and over the footbridge at Anthony Noghes corner, then on the inside of the track you go down stairs to another underground passage that goes under the pits and the back straight. The craziest is the little grandstand E at the Nouvelle Chicane because you have to take a little shuttle boat from the other side of the harbor! -Ed

Frank said...

I'm beginning to feel the lead up and excitement to race day. Love seeing the posts.

Anonymous said...

In the smaller pic you can see the shirtless guy .. Wonder if he got away with that seeing as he was in the stands? Walk around the street like that & you're in for trouble ; )

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