21 May 2009

Grand Prix - Locked out!

During the four days of the Monaco Grand Prix: Thursday's Practice session, Qualifying on Saturday and of course the Grand Prix itself on Sunday - if you live anywhere with access to the track then you need a pass to enter your apartment building.

Perhaps you are a visitor and will be watching the race from a balcony overlooking the track, well you need one of these passes else you won't get onto that balcony. Every apartment building around the track is locked down and bolted and you'd better believe it. You would normally enter from the rear and give your name and hand over your pass before you are allowed in. Your name must match that on the official list. The pass shows not just the name of the building but also the name of the owner of the particular apartment you are visiting and that person's phone number. In this case, it's the Palais Heracles on the Port of Monaco. (I've masked the name and telephone number)

Trains and buses are the only sensible ways to get into Monaco on race days. Today the track will be closed from 07.00h to 18.30h and in Monaco, when the Grand Prix track is closed, Monaco is closed.

Lucky me has a friend whose mother lives on the 11th floor of the Palais Heracles which is bang over the Start/Finish line of the Grand Prix track - in front of Port Hercule - and today I'm invited onto the balcony for lunch and to take photographs. Come back tomorrow and see if I got a shot of Jensen Button. Don't count on it - I think he might be going too fast!


Unknown said...

Lets hope you get some good shots. It's on the tv at the weekend, so I might watch it, if it's raining outside. don't forget to wave!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

If you are lucky enough to have an apartment near the race track, you can also forget about getting a nap during race or practice days. THere is nothing louder than Formula One cars racing.

Pasi from Finland said...

Jilly, you just might forget about Jenson. Instead, take good pictures about great finnish drivers ;- ) No, I'm just joking. But please, take good pictures and show them to us all!

maria said...

Lucky you alright! It never ceases to amaze me how fortunate you are to have these wonderful opportunities. I even thought you'd be one of the guests at the Salle Empire yesterday!

We're looking forward to tomorrow's pic.......and, we're also looking forward to your pics of the Tour de France -- you will be there, right?

Anonymous said...

Now I am jealous.

Manhattan Beach, California

Jilly said...

Gail's Man, I won't be there on Sunday - just went today so can't wave!

Dave, are you right about noise. I stupidly didn't take my noise cancelling earphones and the noise is horrific. I managed with cotton wool. Will do one posting on this cos it is important. You can damage your hearing!

Pasi, don't worry, I got the great Finns.

Maria, I hope to get to the Tour de France too. In fact it goes from Roquebrune to Monaco I think so I might catch it for Menton DP rather than Monte Carlo DP - or both. If I can get near it, of course!

Gerald (SK14) said...

I'll be watching it on TV and while I am a little jealous I don't envy the noise which would be a bit too much - I can always mute the TV!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Very very lucky indeed, wow what views you had :-)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Jilly, I carefully watched *each* photo (backward) small or big... Yes LUCKY you. But YOU did a really really really wonderful job and I presume it has been a great experience, isn't it?

Ah... Ehm... Next year if you need a helper (just to take heavy photo equipment), please counts on me :-)

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