20 July 2009

Driving Shoes?

About time we had a Monte Carlo lady so here are two for good measure. Two pretty ladies outside the Hôtel de Paris so naturally they get a doorman each.

I want to know how she drives in those high heels?

Tour de France update - yesterday saw Alberto Contador make his move and he looks unbeatable. Lance Armstrong is in second place, Bradley Wiggins is third. Today is a rest day - I need it!

Here is a fascinating article from the New York Times on what the riders eat on the Tour. Thanks so much for Kate from Visual St. Paul for sending it to me.


Unknown said...

Simple answer is, why not give it a go!

Nice to see some girlies and a car again, even if it is a BMW. People who drive BMWs in England have a reputation for being aggressive and inconsiderate on the road. I have to agree, both as a motorist and cyclist. They are up there with white van man and taxi drivers.

bitingmidge said...

People who drive BMW's in Australia are really nice, caring people! ;-)

These girls look like the caring types too!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Sally said...


Ben mentioned something about the cars outside the casino the other day - they must have made an impression!

Sydney Daily Photo. I’m so busy with a new job I hardly have time to post, much less comment these days! Love catching up though.

Kate said...

I have eyes for the car only!!

B SQUARED said...

Thanks for the link. Fascinating stuff. Those certainly aren't "driving" shoes.

Leif Hagen said...

Which is more important - looking chic or comfort? Nice capture of the Monte Carlo ladies! Oh la la!

maria said...

Not much room for luggage so the driving shoes had to stay home....

The TdF is absolutely exciting. The cyclists, the views, the hamlets, the crowds and, in a week, beautiful Champs Elysees!!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Aha, good eye!

This is soooooo Monte Carlo!

Ming the Merciless said...

It's amazing how women can walk in those heels. Ouch!

kostas said...

I shall take the driver and give blonde to the porter!
I would like a ride with an elegant and beautiful driver.Monte Carlo is a place for elegant and beautiful women!

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