10 July 2009

Tour de France - the Fastest Rider

This is Mark Cavendish who rides for the Columbia team. He's already won two of the 'stages' so far in the Tour de France and being a sprinter, he's known as the faster rider in the world.

These photos were taken at dusk when each team was presented to the public the night before the race began. In the smaller photo, you see some of Monaco's yachts in the background.

Mark also comes from the Isle of Man, as does Babooshka.

Yesterday, the Tour finished in Barcelona with many accidents due to the rain. Take a look at Daily Photo Barcelona to see just how fast these guys go. It was a surprise win by the Norwegian rider Thor Hushovd, his first Yellow Jersey ever. Good for him!

Today the going gets even tougher as the riders make for the mountains. Go Lance!


Greg said...

It has been great watching so far. I love the scenery and some of the history that gets past on. And the action too!

Diederick Wijmans said...

Your Tour de France reportage is excellent!

(Hope you are better: bronchitis in this season can be very fastidious! Take care of yourself!)

Rob Siemann said...

Thanks for the Link, Jilly. I returned the compliment by putting a link to your wonderful -and so sharp! - pictures. And we mean it, your photos are fantastic!

Kate said...

Fast and very cute!! Oh, to be young again; I think I'd hustle over to France if that were the case, but I can dream! I enjoy the small photo because it shows clearly the backdrop of the marvelous photo you've posted of Lance already.

Leif Hagen said...

Some more great Tour de France fotos. Handsome biker boys! The girls must be swarming the race!

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