08 July 2009

Tour de France - the Television Crews

The television crews in Monaco and now out on the road as the Tour crosses France towards Perpignan.

You can see how difficiult it is - look at the guy in the main photo - on a motorbike and he's got to get it right.

Very exciting race so far. Two stages won by the brilliant Mark Cavendish from the Columbia team (a nod to Babooshka as he comes from the Isle of Man) and the two Time Trials won by Cancellara of Saxobank. In the overall placings, Cancellara is winning by less than one second - and who is in second place? Yes, it's Lance Armstrong who missed out on the Yellow Jersey yesterday by that split second. Not bad for an ol' guy and the talk of the Tour.

Apologies for lack of comments lately. I've got a lousy flu bug that I can't shift and have been feeling rotten, so just posting is as much as I can do. Hopefully will be back on track soon. Meanwhile, thanks so much for your much appreciated comments.


maria said...

It's truly amazing how these cameramen maneuver their cameras whilst on the back of a motorbike! Tough job but it's got to be exciting to be so close to the peloton.
(Lucky Prince Albert who got to ride in the race car ahead of all the riders.....)

Yes Jilly, the race is very,very exciting so far.

Hope you feel better soon!!!!!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I hope there are no mishaps between the camera people and the riders. It is an amazing logistical challenge for both.

I hope you feel better.

Halcyon said...

Hope you kick the flu and come back in fine form. I'm counting on you for my TdF updates. I never actually watch the news or anything like that, so you're my official source. :)

Sharon said...

I love seeing the people who actually are bringing the news to us on the television.

Take care! Hope you are better soon.

Meri said...

We're patient -- get well!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Dear Jilly,
Sorry I havent' been able to comment much myself. I'm enjoying your report on the Tour de France tremendously. I do hope you get well soon.

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