25 July 2009

Parade of the Eagles - Cartier's 'Eagle Eye'

Photos & Text Copyright 2009 Monte Carlo Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

What is so interesting about this year's display in Monaco is that it's not only in the Casino Gardens, but is all over the Principality. In addition, whilst all the eagles have been decorated by artists, some, like this one, have been decorated by a commercial company. Here you see 'Eagle Eye' decorated by the Studio de Creation of Cartier, the jewellers and displayed outside their Monte Carlo shop. You'll note, being Cartier, the diamond eye (well, alright, perhaps not a real diamond).


Sharon said...

This brought back some memories for me. A few years back, I traveled to Paris with two close friends and one of them wanted to buy a special ring in the Cartier store. I was so impressed with how friendly and accommodating the staff was. One very attractive sales lady insisted that I try on a half-million dollar necklace. My one regret is that none of us thought to take a photo of me wearing the sparkling necklace in my sweatshirt and jeans!

Hilda said...

After the little hat, it was the diamond that I noticed next!

Jilly said...

amazing story, Sharon. I never had such luck as this!

Virginia said...

What a great series. THe Cartier is wonderful but they are each so interesting.

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