29 July 2009

Parade of Eagles - 'Why?'

Copyright 2009 Monte Carlo Daily Photo. All rights reserved.

The Parade of Eagles is on the theme of ecology and the environment and in particular it speaks of the Bonelli eagle which is about to disappear in this region.

Today's eagle, displayed in the Casino Gardens, is called 'Why?' and is by Gorbio artist, Eric Brocchi. Gorbio is the village where I live and you can see Gorbio on Menton Daily Photo today.

Do click on Eric Brocchi's website to see him working on the eagle. It's fascinating.


BLS said...

Great pics thats a real work of art

Gerald (SK14) said...

Is that a tear dropping from the eagle's eye or just a piece of guano?

Jilly said...

Gerald, it's a tear!

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