19 July 2009


Made of tiny mosaic tiles, is this a copy of a Modigliani or an original work, in his style? It decorates the terrace of a restaurant, Quai des Artistes, along one side of the port.

Tour de France update: The main positions haven't changed much. However yesterday Mark Cavendish was disqualified for apparently edging a competitor into the barriers at the end of the race. The commentators, looking at it from an aerial shot, said the road simply narrowed. Am sure there will be an appeal by the Columbia team.

And awful news - a woman spectator was killed and two others injured, by a police motorbike. The leading group of riders passed through her village and suddenly she ran across the road, before the pelaton had arrived, and the bike hit her. Too awful.


Virginia said...

WEll I surely don't know the answer but it certainly looks like a Modigliani to me! Awful news about the accident!!!V

Laurie Allee said...

I think that must be a MOdigliani copy. And wow, what a terrible news story. So sad.

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

It's beautiful. And I'm glad I was able to meet Lavinia's shoe too. I get busy on the Farm and haven't been to see you much. Good to catch up with you. xoxo.

Kate said...

Art appreciation is another avocation of mine because images, both tradional and contemporary appeal strongly to me. This piece certainly has a strong resemblance to some of M's paintings.

The NYTimes on Sunday, July 19th had a fascinating article on the kinds and amounts of food that the riders need in order to complete and maintain decent body weight.

Sally said...

Love the mosaic work (better than the setting, I must admit). I really love mosaics and like seeking them out, be they byzantine in Ravenna, 1960s garish or whatever!

Ming the Merciless said...

Classic Modigliani style.

I heard about the accident at the Tour de France. Sad news indeed. In the US, you will expect a huge lawsuit being filed by the family of the victim against the organization.

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