03 May 2010


The majority of these paintings are by the young Russian artist, Nikolai Blokhin who is represented by the Downey Gallery in Sante Fe, New Mexico who brought his work to Monaco.

The young lady waits - it's early. Later, the V.I.P visitors will arrive and her wait will be over.


Kate said...

I'm returning to Santa Fe on Feb. 19 for two weeks to housesit for friends who are going on vacation, and I will be sure to visit the Downey Gallery on Canyon Road. During the winter, many galleries at that location are closed so I'm sure that's why I didn't see it during our last stay. I'll be sure to tell them I read their link on your blog!

Jilly said...


I was going to write you about this and you beat me to it. Great. Do show them the link. Thanks. J x

Kate said...

Thanks for the note; no, it is July 19, 2010!! I wouldn't be able to contain myself if I had to wait until Feb! Summer in Santa Fe is DIVINE, and I'll be there during Spanish Market!! Whoo-Hoo!!

PS. Yes, and the cough is miserable!!

Sharon said...

What beautiful paintings and a beautiful young lady to go with them.

joanna said...

Beautiful painting in the back drop and the lovely lady in black would make a beautiful painting as well.


Halcyon said...

She looks so elegant, even while waiting.

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