17 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: 1er Secours - Alain Pérez

Alain Pérez is a "photographic artist who works on themes connected with museums, collections and objects relating to memory. 'First Aid' presented here is an installation for an event, a dreamlike space. The place of the human being as far as nature, time and the cultural reference brought into play are concerned.

Questioning the reality and the patrimonial representation raised by preserved animals, removed from their museum environment, regarding reality and the representation of heritage, in this case, is completed by contemporary creation. Thus this staging places the public at the heart of an approach focused on heritage, art and science."

'What if our presence on this planet depended only on our ability to dream' - Alain Pérez.


Sally said...

I like this, despite the wanky art-farty language describing it! I always find my eyes glaze over as strings of words are plonked next to each other like that...then my head hurts!

Jilly said...

Sally, I so agree with your comments. That's why I always put these blurbs in inverted commas so no one thinks I've written them!

Anonymous said...

Just the sort of box I always dreamt of receiving on my birthday!


Dan said...

What a startling combination. Very eye-catching and disarming, which must have been the point.

I am not quite getting Alain's point but I will come back and read it a few times. Eventually it will sink in. I am slow but I get there!

Anonymous said...

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Ming the Merciless said...

Brilliant concept!! It makes such an excellent point about animals and nature or animals out of its natural habitat.

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