07 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: The Freezer - Renaud Vassas

Artist Renaud Vassas works in wood, bronze, stainless steel, glass or just items of minor importance. Humour and mockery are present in each and evrey object. You can read more about the artist by clicking on the link.

"Contemporary art transpires the biodiversity of the moment, in line with the naturalists of the 21st century, Grimaldi, Mariotti, Bouzou, Powers. - The 'Freezer' sculpture suspends the stata of my world for a brief instant: memories, meetings...a true ecosystem of friendship" - Renaud Vassas.


Anonymous said...

Lovely whimsy. It may once have been a freezer, but now it looks a wonderfully silly pink flamingo-- doing an enthusiastic chicken dance!


Kim said...

Jilly, That pink against the blue sky looks lovely in this whimsical photo. I see from your two views that this piece seems to be dynamic and turns in the wind? We have a red umbrella sculpture here in Seattle that does that.

Your sunny skies and sherbert colored high rise look so inviting!
Have a lovely weekend,
-Kim Seattle Daily Photo

Ineke said...

Like the angle of the big photo!

Stefan Jansson said...

Weird and great!

edwin s said...

That's a fascinating piece of art :)

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