24 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Virus - Valentine

Stéphanie Materi was born in Casablanca. She sculpts under the name Valentine. 'A lover of contemporary art with a feeling for sculpture. She began to take an interest in the art of recycling and to experiment with creation using various materials. Her meeting with Patrick Gibelli (an experienced artist) brought her into her own. (Patrick's Le Scalaire has already been featured in this series). It would be a metallic and anti-conformist world that she would evolve. Her entry into this new world through the 'Virus' confirmed her quest to reflect upon the fusion between ecology and science. When the 'Virus' was exhibited, the contamination had already begun. It influences the senses of each of us, revolutionaries, to push each and every institution to engage upon a veritable mission to save our future.'

'If we all unite, we can guarantee an eco-future for tomorrow!' - Valentine


Ming the Merciless said...

It does look somewhat organic and foreign. I guess Virus is as good a name as any.

Destitute Rebel said...

This is a wonderful piece of art, quite recently i read about an artist who creates movable "species" with eco material and leaves them on beaches to roam free, can't place the name, but quite an amazing concept.

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